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A little Nature To Start your Day

Respect nature like you respect your friends and family. 

God gave us this wonderful gift to enjoy every moment of our lives, to lighten up our days when we feel as if the world is upon our shoulders. 

Today I want you to tap into that inner poet, look at a bird or a flower or even a butterfly, and write a poem, make that moment that you are seeing a moment that lasts forever through your words. 

Capture your memories with a pen.


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My first poem for the new year!



My kiss symbolize my love for you;
a love is sealed with a kiss, our love is true. 
I want the world to see how much you mean to me, 
showing that we are meant to be. 
A kiss can take up many different meanings,
but mine is created with true love feelings. 
You light up my life, you are my light in the dark,
spending a lifetime with you sitting on a bench in a park. 
I want you to know that you mean the world to me; 
being without you leaves my heart with misery. 
This words is coming straight from my heart, 
sealing our love with a kiss – 
we will never be apart. 

© R. van Zyl
All Rights Reserved

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